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Partners in Ministry

partners in ministry

A friend of mine is looking for partners in ministry as she prepares to return to the mission field. What are partners in ministry? Click to Tweet She’s spent quite a bit of time focusing on finding folks to pray for her, because, as Oswald Chambers pointed out, “Prayer does not equip us for greater […]

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What Does it Take to Kill Jesus?

Kill Jesus

What did the Romans have to do to kill Jesus on Good Friday? Nothing. They were pawns in God’s hand. That’s not exactly true. They had to play along with Pontius Pilate, who was manipulated by the High Priest Caiphas and his minions–men who decided it was better that one man should die (Jesus) than […]

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A Bible Teacher’s Worshipful Memorial Service

Memorial don

For all he was a man of slight build, Don Bauman packed an enormous punch into our lives. We said farewell to him on Saturday, in a memorial service that left us all rejoicing at what Don Bauman taught us. When I told his wife, Inez, how much I enjoyed the service, she beamed. “It […]

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Conviction and a Different Ruth Story.

Conviction; bible study

You may think you know where I’m going with my version of the story of Ruth, but you don’t. It’s a different Ruth, not the Biblical Ruth, and it’s a story about God working conviction in my heart and hers. It took place long ago when I was a young woman, convinced I knew everything. […]

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What to Do With the Bible Study Books?

What do you do with your old Bible study books? You know, the workbooks where you read a passage of scripture, answered some questions and either applied what you learned to your life, or discussed it with others, later. I’ve been in Bible study since I became a Christian at 15. ¬†At Trinity Lutheran Church¬†under […]

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