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Edith Cavell and Personal Sacrifice


October 12, 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of British nurse Edith Cavell‘s execution by a German firing squad fifteen months after the start of World War I. Hailed as a saintly British nurse-martyr by some and called a victim of the British propaganda machine by others, Cavell’s life and the reason for her death was […]

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Needed: Someone to Say No


Do you have someone in your life who can say “no” to you and you’ll accept it? Why not? Are you never wrong? Passages in the Bible admonition us to love one another and to speak the truth in love. Sometimes that means saying “no,” and it’s important we all have someone who we’ll listen […]

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Living a Faith Life in a Frame

Do you live your faith life within a frame? I hadn’t thought about that aspect until I met up with a friend from my childhood several years ago. 26 years had passed since we’d last seen each other (curiously, in line at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics!), and we met at a Starbucks to get a […]

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How to Understand My Utmost for His Highest

My utmost for his highest

Do you have trouble understanding the devotionals in My Utmost for His Highest? If so, you’re not alone. Many people have told me these types of things: “That book always baffled and guilted me when I was young. Does R teach the context of its writing?” “I never understand it.” And a well-respected, multiple-degreed pastor […]

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My Utmost for His Highest and Sunday School

Utmost: devotional

My husband recently began using My Utmost for His Highest devotionals in his post-high school Sunday School class. It didn’t start that way, but that’s where they are now. R and the young people are pondering just what Oswald Chambers is really saying to them! Ask Me Any Question The class began this summer after R read an article that […]

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