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Advent: Who was Joseph?


As we enter the third week of Advent, my Bible study has turned to Joseph, the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. So, who was this man and how did he find himself in an impossible situation orchestrated by God? The book of Matthew gives us a genealogy and several interesting points about him. […]

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Advent: Mary’s Challenging Year

Joseph and Mary

Christmas is about Jesus, but it would not be celebrated without the faith, determination and joy of a young woman named Mary. You know that. Mary was probably about 14, living in the hill country southwest of the Sea of Galilee when a most unexpected event occurred: an angel appeared to her. We discussed the […]

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Advent: Elizabeth and Mary

Elizabeth and Mary

The Advent story, of course, includes not one but two surprise pregnancies: that of Zacharias‘ wife Elizabeth and her kinswoman Mary. As noted last week, once Zacharias returned from the shocking visit by the angel Gabriel while he served his once-in-a-life time offering at the Jerusalem temple, he knew his past-childbearing-aged wife, Elizabeth. Just as […]

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Advent: Zacharias and the Angel

Zacharias and Gabriel

My Bible study is working through an Advent book this Christmas and today we examined Zacharias meeting the angel Gabriel–as found in Luke 1. Somehow over the years, I’d missed several interesting aspects of this event. Let’s start with the first: who were Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth? The both were members of the Aaron […]

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Books and the All-Inclusive Resort


So my friend Jay and I went to an all-inclusive resort recently for a week in Cancun, Mexico. All-inclusive vacations are steps back in time–someone makes your bed in the morning and turns down the covers at night (with chocolate!). Someone you never see picks up the towels and straightens the room; you can eat […]

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