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Bible School Students and Oswald Chambers Part III


What happened to Oswald Chambers‘ Bible School (BTC) students? What do modern students do with their Bible school training? Many people, then and now, argue that studying the Bible is an important grounding for whatever you want to do with your life. If you know the basic truths of God’s word and how to apply […]

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Oswald Chambers and BTC Bible School Part 2

When Oswald Chambers set up his Bible Training College (BTC) in 1911 he had two things in mind: training students in the Bible and how to apply the Bible‘s teachings to practical living. His aims more than 100 years ago, ring similar to┬áBible schools today: “The aim of the Bible Training College is to provide […]

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Oswald Chambers and a Bible College Part I

Oswald Chambers; Bible

Many people do not know Oswald Chambers ran a Bible Training College (BTC) in the four years prior to World War I. The ideas represented in his devotional My Utmost for His Highest were first publicly aired in classes taught by Oswald at the school. The school had been a dream for Oswald for nearly […]

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Edith Cavell and Personal Sacrifice


October 12, 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of British nurse Edith Cavell‘s execution by a German firing squad fifteen months after the start of World War I. Hailed as a saintly British nurse-martyr by some and called a victim of the British propaganda machine by others, Cavell’s life and the reason for her death was […]

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Needed: Someone to Say No


Do you have someone in your life who can say “no” to you and you’ll accept it? Why not? Are you never wrong? Passages in the Bible admonition us to love one another and to speak the truth in love. Sometimes that means saying “no,” and it’s important we all have someone who we’ll listen […]

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