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Circulating Valuables


Eighteen years ago, my husband decided to read all the works of Sir Walter Scott. ¬†We lived in Hawai’i at the time, and I methodically requested Scott novels every time I went to the library. Because the Hawaiian library system covers all the islands, some of the books had to be shipped to O’ahu over […]

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Historical Fiction: Life Before the Internet?


As a graduate of UCLA, I appreciate the hand my alma mater played in the development of the Internet. I can even give a grudging nod to the self- proclaimed inventor,former Vice-President¬†Al Gore, who insisted the government put everything on-line. That’s made a lot of stuff easier to do (including filing our taxes). Thanks, Mr. […]

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Making a Difference: The Power of Observation


My father was a harrum scarrum young man in the 1940′s. The eldest child in a family of four with a dad who often wandered off, he was raised in a poor family supported by my grandmother’s job in the tool room at a local defense plant. They took in borders, slept on couches and […]

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