Traveling in Slovenia? The Apps Save the Day


Do you know where Slovenia is? East of Italy, south of Austria, north of Croatia., a touch to western Hungary. It’s in alpine country. Do you know what language they speak there? Slovenian. Can you say anything in Slovenia? I can’t either. Which was a problem when we visited relatives. The GPS App The trouble […]

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Speaking My English: It’s All in the Hands


Do you use your hands when you talk? I do. Or, as someone at church asked me recently, “do you just talk until your hands stop moving, or can you speak if they’re not?” I laughed. (Hey, I’m moving my hands as I type this–including every time I pick them up off the keyboard.  Hmmm. […]

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WWI Animals: Unlikely Heroes

Many know the names of World War I heroes like Sergeant Alvin York or pilot Eddie Rickenbacker. But how many know the stories of animal and bird heroes from that same war? Here are a few. Cher Ami Pigeons and World War I tells the story well: In October 1918, as the war neared its […]

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WWI: Gone to the Dogs


Dogs, of course, played a significant role in World War I. They were used in all sorts of jobs, mostly involving their superior tracking skills, keen eyes, alert hearing and adorable countenances. At the start of the war, the British Army had only one sentry dog, but they quickly rectified the situation when they discovered […]

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