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Tenebrae Service and Good Friday


We observe Good Friday every year with the dramatic Tenebrae service. This is a repost because the service is so meaningful to me and others. Here is how we experienced the Tenebrae service several years ago. From the Latin for shadows or darkness, Tenebrae is an ancient service that underscores the solemnity of Jesus’s last day […]

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Why Raise Lazarus from the Dead?


Why did Jesus raise Lazarus of Bethany from the dead? The story has come up in my life three times this week and since this is about the time it happened nearly two thousand years ago, I thought it worth examining. You probably know the story (found in John 11): Jesus and his disciples were out […]

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Insomnia and Prayer


I’ve connected insomnia and prayer for years. But I’m getting tired of it. Long ago, I heard some sage person comment, “if you can’t sleep at night, pray. The devil doesn’t like it and he’ll stop harassing you so you can fall asleep.” I tried it. Often. I haven’t found the saying to be true. After […]

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5 Things I Want to Read in Christmas Letters

Christmas letters

December marks the annual question about Christmas cards and Christmas letters. I’m squarely in favor of both, as I’ve written about here. People complain, though, about the nature of the Christmas letters–too much bragging, too much good news, not enough reality. I’ve had letters like that over the years, but for the most part, I […]

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How Someone Else’s Wedding Changed Me


We spent the weekend at a beautiful family wedding that exceeded any ceremony I’ve ever witnessed. Probably a third of the guests were my relatives and the mini-family reunion coupled with a gorgeous bride and handsome groom, with every detail flowing perfectly, made for a terrific celebration. As we relieved that glorious evening on Facebook […]

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